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IIC WiFi is a high-speed wireless broadband for faculty, staff, students and guests to access Internet in campus. It is an encrypted network that uses the latest wireless technology based on 802.1x for authentication and authorization to provide a secure access. The new IIC WiFi is faster, better and available in main areas throughout the campus.

IIC WiFi Terms of Service

Click to read IIC WiFi Terms of Service.

Test your mobile network speed, wherever you may be. Click here to test your network speed.


IIC WiFi is available in all academic, administration, and residential buildings. It is also available in most common areas such as cafeterias, hallway etc.

Connect to IIC WiFi

  • Make sure you have activated your IMS Portal account/wi-fi password(available in all classroom).
  • Your devices must support IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac and 802.1X/WPA2.
  • You must be in range of the IIC WiFi network to configure your device. 
  • Proceed to connect to wi-fi network.