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Innovative International College uses as HR management system. This system provide leave application and payroll where user can do it on their own. This portal also allow users to do Self Service Password Reset.

Receive Invitation


You will receive invitation from your email that are registered under college. If you are not invited, please contact HR department for assistant.

Create your password

You are required to create your own password.

Login to HR IMS

Use your email that are prepared by i.t department. If you have problem login in, please reset your password by clicking the “Forget the password?” and enter your email.

Login site can be access here

Apply annual leave

Every Innovative staff are entitled to annual leave, medical leave, emergency leave and etc. The amount of available leave are available in HR IMS leave page.

To apply a leave application, please follow guide in image below.

Once approved, you will receive an email.


Payslip can be downloaded in payroll page. All details on your payment such as sosco, epf and kwsp will be shown.

To download a payslip, click on the “download” link beside NET PAY.